Gomel oblast lies to the southeast of Belarus and borders on Briansk oblast /Russia/, Kiev , Chernigov and Zhitomir oblasts /Ukraine/.

The territory of Gomel oblast is 40,400 square kilometers. One third of the territory is covered with forests; the biggest rivers the Dnepr, the Sozh, the Berezina and the Pripiat are the most important navigable ways of Belarus .

There is the national park Pripiatskiy and the Polesye radiation-ecological reserve in the oblast.

Today there are 23 museums and 4 theaters and philharmonic societies in Gomel oblast numbers.

The region has 2,540 monuments, 1,360 of them are monuments of history and culture, 140 of architecture and 1,040 of archeology. And if the latter /they include ancient settlements and burial places/ are of interest only to archeologists and historians, the other places stir deep interest of the people who appreciate architectural masterpieces and are fond of the Belarusian history.

Belarus to hold Days of Culture in Moldova in 2014

CHISINAU, 11 December (BelTA) - The Days of Culture of Belarus in Moldova will be held in 2014, and the Days of Culture of Moldova in Belarus in 2015, BelTA learnt from the Moldovan government.

The corresponding agreement was reached during the 15th meeting of the intergovernmental Belarusian-Moldovan commission for trade and economic cooperation held in Chisinau on 9 December. The Culture Ministries of Belarus and Moldova were instructed to ensure the implementation of the agreement on the Days of Belarusian Culture in Moldova in 2014 and the Cays of Culture of the Republic of Moldova in Belarus in 2015.

It was emphasized that cooperation in the field of culture is an important factor of mutual understanding, trust and strengthening interethnic relations. Evidence of this is the participation of cultural figures of Belarus and Moldova in numerous events in both countries.

The commission recommended that the Culture Ministries of Belarus and Moldova should continue, on a reciprocal basis, to invite arts teams of the two sides to participate in international music, theater, folk festivals and competitions held in the two countries. In addition, the ministries were instructed to promote the exchange of exhibitions of modern art, the information of new museum technology, and to encourage mutual participation in international book fairs held in Belarus and Moldova.

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